Текстове на песни: Allen Lande. Victory.

[Jorn And Russell]

This is your victory

There is nothing left to see
Move on and don't look back
All are beaten, all have gone
Don't you know the fight is over
Don't you know your work is done
Don't you see the enemy is running away
They will keep running

When the sun shine shines down on you
There's no matter what you do
Everything will turn out right
You have won without a fight
No more barriers in your way
No more ordinary days
It all begins right here
This is your victory

The smoke is rising behind you
Your victims pray for mercy
Judgement is past,
Punishment still delivered
Here is nothing more for you
Your mission is completed
This is your new life, and it starts right here
Will you leave it?



[Chorus x2]
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