Текстове на песни: Bobby Sherman. Julie Do You Love Me.

Being alone at night makes me sadder.
Yeah it brings me down alright.
Tossin? and turnin?,
And freezin? and burnin?,
And cryin? all through the night,

Woah, Woah,
Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me?
Julie, Julie, Julie do you care?
Julie, Julie, are you thinking of me?
Julie, Julie, will you still be there?

We had so much fun together.
I was sure that you were mine.
But leavin? you baby,

Is drivin? me crazy.
It?s got me wonderin? all the time?


Honey you cried the day I left you,
Even though we knew I couldn?t stay.
But Baby remember,
I?ll be back September.
But ?til then I?ll write you every day.

[Repeat CHORUS to fadeout]

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