Текстове на песни: Bon Jovi. Destination Anywhere. Learning How To Fall.

I was walking on a wireLooking down, there was no netNow, I'm standing at your doorMe and my last cigarette
Yeah we've been through this beforeToo late to cover up my tracksDamn the fool who begs for moreI'll take my past and paint it black
Now the circus has left townThis clown has got to get his feet back on the ground
Chorus:I'm learning how to fallLearning how to take a hitHad to walk before I crawledIt was winner take it allNow I'm learning how to fallYeah, I got the hang of it
I was standing in the lightThere were faces all aroundI put my gloves up for a fightOne sucker punch and I was down

I was flying through the cloudsPucker up, it's time to kiss the ground