Текстове на песни: Califa Thugs. Mr. Sancho.

[Mr. Lil One]

Everybody want to be knowing

How I be doing it when I be flowing

back up in this motherfucker

ready to server you motherfuckers

heard the words that be going around

coming to murder making no sound

the original, ready to go

leting 'em know, immediately

I'm fatal, better get up

shut up before I, slaughter all you bitches

you be knowing lil be flowing

while I'm all up in these bitches

We moving coming out grooving, motherfuckers you polluted

Yappin about a strap, but you never seem to shoot me

[Mr. Sancho]

night falls, taking it all

Lil and Sancho creep into the war

We're coming to beat it, you better belive it

I don't worry I just

I just buck 'em all

I'm coming up in, you think that I can't

Slaggin and rapping, receivin a grand

Strapped with a heat and the mic in my hand

Califa Thugs and the low pro gang

Blue raggin, all of the time

Banging these streets like I'm making my rhymes

thinking to pass for a long ass time

Until that I'm buzzin, taking your hyna and cuttin

Gonna bitch out with a dick in her mouth

and leavin her ass with nothin

[Mr. Lil One]

Now never you know

where the hoe want to go

act up on the low

would it be wrong

would it bocome

put tom up in a pond

commit this fucker murder

in this motherfucken song

memories of enemys

while I write these melodys

messeges you sending me

hopping that you'll remember me

let it be

what it is

still you can't fuck with this

stick and am making them break yall down

belive we ain't fucken around

beautiful to be the man

lil one that evil man

[Mr. Sancho]

holdin the cap of my gun

surrounded by copers

I'm settin to run out

am ownin your crew with my reputation

and we leavin you bitches shot up in the spot

but you canot compete

with the lil ones heat

I be doin the streets

be haters, are we

steadaly, heavaly arrmed

to bust heat on this melody

bust heat for a felony

homie don't hate

just let it be

'cause that LPG gang always lettin it work

putting these fu's like a myth in the dirt

living you hurt

homie you leave with a smurk

lovin burn with a bloody shirt

[Mr. Lil One]

the ghetto be lovin the devil

the man will be ready

and wanting to scare

the ones who be talkin

pretending to stalkin

but never be doin

the doing

I sting 'em

I bring it

the flippin

the wicked be knowin

the way I be flowin

the way I be livin

the way I be givin a damn bout your ass

loving the way that I laugh

halloween follow me

please come and slaughter me

blow my mind one at a time

everyone thats shot at me

time to pay the piper

the jungle the sniper

creep threw the mist

like a venamous viper

[Mr. Sancho]

tearin it up

turnin it up

all of these bitches

wanting to fuck these G's

but ain't no way

they wannin to fuck with me

'cause am to quick to be caught

to sleep with the cops

before the head will be

counting the shots

we always bust heat

the noise will go pop

everything will put us hot

click bang

gonna get killed by the name

LPG GANG put a bullet in your brain

dont give a fuck

'cause were here to maintain

uh yeah lpg gagnstas

LPG gangstaas yeah

Califa Thugs
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