Текстове на песни: Cansei De Ser Sexy. Jager Yoga.

Oh my god it's so hot
Oh my got it's so gold
Oh my god I'm so messed up
I don't know which way to go

Stars above try to guess
where's my gin, where's my glass?
All this mess comes from your ass
F**k with us we are CSS

We didn't come into the world
to walk around
We came here to take you out
Come with us, we'll make a toast
For this time about to come
Don't mess my holiday
Don't mess my holiday

Oh my god it's so low
Oh my god it's so high
Ab-Fab, Claudia Ohanna
Dry Martini crossed my eyes
Ask the stars what they say
Desperate living, Hairspray
Baltimore with Tanqueray
Live your life John Waters' way


Patsies and Edinas
High on Vitaminas
Monday at the club
drinking from the tub
The day starts weekend style
There's a piece of dirt in your smile
Hold your body on your legs
Your mouth is stuck to a thousand fags...