Текстове на песни: Conejo. Fallen Angel. Tonite We Go To War.

(feat. Tattoo Ink)

Hey homey
Don't you worry about nada Conejo
We'll be the eyes in the back of your head homey
Tattoo Ink homey

Come on dog

Sun down

I declare war on these vatos
Check it out
Bugsy, assasinate them all

Sun down we go to war, we settle scores homey
In the way when we spray, hit the floor homey
For sure homey, we ain't playing no games
Fill your casket with three bodies then it's layed in a grave
Silly ass catalogues, you're the type that's left nameless
Need to stay off the streets and stick to entertainment
The gates, we're on some Valentines Massacre shit
In too deep, too deep you get your passenger hit
Hey dog, these vatos they can't fade me
Bugs, Conejo, and Veneno, we got it locked baby
It's all about pride, gotta hold on to that
Or your life and your guns, gotta hold on to that
Put a death-hold on the rap or a hole in your back
It's like all out warfare when Western soldiers attack
City of Casualties, death to those who oppose
A murder case couldn't stop me, they gotta drop me with holes

[Chorus x2: Conejo]
Tonight we go to war, we settle scores
We kick down doors for the money and the whores
Anybody say a word, anybody that expose
We gonna hang you from a wire so you won't see anymore

Inside cold as war, like a cold ass war
Frostbiting bullets, vatos don't want no more
Took cover, in the Los they shoot to kill
I know the deal, ese strapped with stainless steel
The night started off like this, this hoodrat bitch
Tried to set me up, what the fuck is up
Shot her homeboys up, click clack bang bang
Silence took over the moment then the ruggeds manifested
Took off long gun, a hundred lines for the gun, invested
My uncare infestation, Venom is retaliation
You gets no compensation, buried or creamation
Ever since you parted your face has been posted up on a milk carton, ended up missing
No pardons or issues since ese died for dissing
Who's next to disappear, disrespect you'll get neglect
Check, don't let me excavate my teck
Tonight we go to war

[Chorus x2]

I'm on some block cocaine shit trying to feed the hemp
Bugsy, Gato, ese Venom is back
We out to gank, supplying hoods with crank
That's the shit I gotta do to fortify the bank
You ain't never met a writter that's better, quick to pull a strap
Hit you like a dose of some uncut smack
Nodding out, get you rocked to your socks
Not enough time for you to call the cops
Cuz how am I gonna make my jefa cry for life
On a three strike bid, they better take my life
Count one, is a robbery and murder
I kill wack MC's over MPC's
I got bones to my belt, cuz other ways I'd fail
Got mail from your bitch when I was sitting in jail
Parolee at the gate, they got me high control
Cuz everytime that I stroll bodies get found cold

That's right, bodies get found cold homey

That's right homey, what you think
Tattoo Ink, you don't know shit about this game homey
Stick to entertainment, we go to war

I'll tell you right now homey, fuck rap
Soy Conejo, what you wanna do ese
Motherfuckers can't get in my mind
They can't penetrate
I'll take this motherfucking sistema to a whole motherfucking level
On my own
What you want ese, what you want

[Chorus x2]

Casualty loss at a maximum rate
Vatos are dyin
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