Текстове на песни: Dolly Parton. Anything's Better Than Nothing.

Friends ask how I'll get along without you
They say it's so sad we're apart
I have to agree that I don't seem like me
I'm havin' a ball with my heart

Anything's better than nothing nothing's not too much to lose
Anything's better than nothing nothing's what I have with you

I've got to admit that it hurts me
I don't like to fight or to fuss
But now you and me are just happy we're free
And everyone's crying but us

Anything's better than nothing...
[ fiddle - ac.guitar ]

It really must be disappointment
To see love and dreams turn to smoke
I can't blame my friends when their teardrops begin
I once thought that love made a home

Anything's better than nothing...
Nothing's what I have with you...