Текстове на песни: Linda Eder. Now. Living In The Shadows.

Living in the shadows
Hiding from the sunlight
Hiding from the one light
That might help to guide you

Hiding from tomorrow
Hiding from the day
Only brings you sorrow
That won't go away

Wandering in the darkness
Living every midnight
Doesn't ever rid night
Of nightmares as a love might

Life is full of dangers
Strangers every turn
Living in the shadows
There's no way to learn

The more you learn, the more you seek
The more you find
The more you care
The more the world is kind

One thing I can tell you
Life should be your lover
Help you to discover
Your reason for being

Soon you will be seeing
What you're all about
Living in the shadows
I'll never find out
Push away the shadows
The sun will come out

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