Текстове на песни: Linda Eder. Now. Not Gonna Fall This Time.

Once I was young and naive
A little foolish, easy to deceive
But I've grown wiser with age
And I have learned

Not all that glitters is gold
So at the risk of sounding somewhat bold
Those red hot objects of love
Can get you burned

So banish guitars playing sweet melodies
And then please murder the birds and the bees
Unring the bells and then drain all the wishing wells

Cancel my trip to the stars and the moon
Sync up my timing a moment too soon
Call off romance 'cause although it may be sublime
I'm just so sick of it all, I'm not gonna fall this time

Love's spontaneity feels so rehearsed
When love at first sight isn't really your first
I'd rather wait 'til he gets more than one thing straight

Can't someone make Hallmark leave all the cards blank?
Tell Paris, "S'il vous plait, lose the Left Bank"
I'm all through with the, "I love you" paradigm
The only safe protocol is simply don't fall this time

Then you come along, handsome and clever
Promising you will be true
I know it's wrong but what is a girl to do?

So what the hell? How bad could it be?
I might as well if it feels good to me
When boy meets girl, rule number one is give it a whirl
Have some fun and who's to say I'm not gonna fall this time?

Just one more time could be sublime
Partners in crime
Just one more
Hey, that guitar player is kind of cute

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