Текстове на песни: Frank Zappa. The Lost Episodes. Lost in a Whirlpool.

Captain beefheart (vocals)
Bobby zappa (rhythm guitar)
Frank zappa (lead guitar)

Well, I'm lost in a whirlpool
Yeah, baby, my head is goin' round
Well, ever since my baby flushed me
Oh, I been goin round, yeah around and around
Well, I'm lost in this whirlpool
I keep goin' down and down
There's a big brown fish
Lookin at me
He ain't got no eyes
How could that motherfucker possibly see
Ooh, baby baby

I'm gonna be afraid it gonna touch me
Well I'm lost in this whirlpool
Oh, I can't even see
Baby, won't you come help me
Pour some drano down,
And get the plunger right after me
I'll let you know a little secret, baby
I'm gettin' tired of all this pee

Don't go strange, mother goose
Ooh, my head's in a noose