Текстове на песни: Insane Clown Posse. Forgotten Freshness Vol. 3. Take Me Home.

you know the irony of life is that you have like this big dream to get where you wanna be but once you get there you start to dream about where you came from. I guess thats the part of the circle of our lives like the hands of a clock going round. if only we could wind them back and return to a time where the dream began. its all too soon thats all will be is a dream in someones mind. I finally reached up in time (im a superstar) Look at me I'm famous on top of the world, stand up, step back and take a look is this really whut I had in mind? (i dont really think so) I guessed them goals that we set in the day, they actually came to be. (yup yup) but now I'm lookin at a black white paper, and with a whole book of memories (but we never read) seven deep in the jeep with the camel top, everybody and they drunk as hell, (cause we always went there) ?? and awesome dre and anybody by the right would see us songs were long and polution strong, and the faygo always warm and flat (thats nasty) but if now if this supposed to be heaven for me, then just give me my own hell back so take me home (to my empty refridgerator) cmon and take me home (to a life in which I understand) (to my old school down in delray) so take me home cmon and take me home ?? (cmon cmon) lets go yall theres another festival down town, take some bottles back up to the store (i found two of em) that would get us bus money down there to get back we have to find some more (might as well get drunk) hangin our flyers up everywhere, we coulda sworn we was makin noise, (everybody knew us) finally we had everyone in southwest representin with the jj boys (everybody) I stole to eat (i stole) I stole to live (i stole) I stole only to survive (if yous a hoodlum) just like j said in 'ghetto zone' I stole a car with my tape inside all we did was try to talk to hoes, and none of them was tryin to hear (not 1 hoe) it woulda meant so much more back then cause now its fake hoes everywhere so take me home (to my empty refridgerator) cmon and take me home (to a life in which I understand) (where you at yall?) so take me home (to my old school down in delray) (summer time) cmon and take me home (delray) mike p yall southern rock for ya rudeboy oh lord dont let me get my girlfriends call if she dont get off until two (we got all night long) I finally show up at 4:30 am and I still have to drop my crew off (but i'll be back) now I'm alone and ontop of it all, looking deep in the back of my mind (looking deep in the back of my mind) I realised the key to a happy life was right here wit me the whole time Chorus x2 so take me home (to my empty refridgerator) cmon and take me home (to a life in which I understand) so take me home (to my old school down in delray) (where you at?) cmon and take me home what up everybody I'm here chillin with samantha "HI GUYS!" and I bet you wondering how we like to do things around here well we like to do 'em with family were family, family everyone of us is family what would life be like without family were family, family I steped on stage and I stole the show well my name is joe and I flow like whoa mini c, she down with me, but today I'm representin all family guarantee on day it will bring you tears save this song for years and years lets try to keep it this way cause you remember how things were back in the day my name is mom and the mom the might (yea) kickin that style that I know you'l like im from detroit the city of boom (boom) I used to send violent j to his room (whut?!) my money stacks up over miles when I bust this funky style now I think i'll pass the mic to another fresh MC I know you'l like I gots mad love for everyone on this track this rob rollin strong on a hoop attack samantha's my daughter, my mom is my mom nancy is my wife cause she is the bomb (hey don't forget about me in this roll call) together there as powerfull as my unity joe is my brother who is standing tall and i've been blessed to have my family I am samantha, i'm a MC rappin with my family love is the word I chose to use I spread it around like it's the news I do the booty shake everywhere I go and I prove I can dance and also flow if you have a problem with who I am you can go and jump in lake michigan nancys my name and I got much fame cause my familys on the team I flow as I go so act like ya know or get slapped in the head without a ??? cause she's the one with the master plan I do the booty shake with my daugther sam I got much love for new york and back don't question me cause that's a fact my name is kris, as if you don't know I ??? for a while with my crazy flow I was born and raised in ramulous that's where I first learned how to bust this song is making history 'cause it's real, it's all about family any minute though I might sting your eye im quite I don't say much and I'm shy were family, family what would life be like without family everyone of us is family were family, family yea, the bruce brothers will never die, thats right its all about family i'll hax anyone that ever messed with my family my mom, yea, my brother and sister, yea and there kids yea