Текстове на песни: Kreator. Extreme Aggression. Don't Trust.

The only truth I've heard
Is the truth that I've spoken myself
A pack of lies is all I get from
Anybody else
Experience shows me I'm right
Deceit is the only game in sight
So be careful what you choose to

You can't believe in nothing
Insane to trust in anything
So I don't trust in no one but myself

What happened to your honesty
Did it take a back seat to your greed
Forgotten cause you've found out you
Need to live a lie
And if you question why you have a
Future without security
Just fear and lies and terror
No one can tell you why

Synthetic creatures ordered and
Unsympathetic to everyone
Death of intelligence and emotions
Preordained from death to day one

Lost trust in the future
Lost faith in prophecies
Lost truth in government promises
Lost hope for honesty

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