Текстове на песни: Bette Midler. Gypsy. Dainty June And Her Farmboys.

Extra, extra, hey, look at the headline
Historical news is being made
Extra, extra, they're drawing a red line
Around the biggest scoop of the decade

A barrel of charm, a fabulous thrill
The biggest little headline in vaudeville
Presenting in person
That 5 foot 2 bundle of dynamite, Dainty June

Hello everybody my name is June
What's yours?

I have a moo cow, a new cow
A true cow named Caroline, moo moo, moo moo
She's an extra special friend of mine, moo moo, moo moo
I like everything about her fine, moo moo, moo moo

She likes to moo in the moonlight
When the moody moon appears
And when she moos in the moonlight
Gosh, it's moosic to my ears, she's so moosical

She loves a man cow, a tan cow
Who can cow her with a glance, moo moo, moo moo
When he winks at her she starts to dance, moo moo, moo moo
It's what grown-ups call a real romance, moo moo, moo moo

But if we moved to the city or we settled by the shore
She'd make the move 'cause she loves me more

Yes, Mr. Grantziger, I?ll tell her
Thank you very much, that's all
But we have a great dramatic finish
I'm sure but Mr. Grantziger?s a very busy man, ah, hit it

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