Текстове на песни: Morgana Lefay. Shadows Of God.

Transcended angels with dark blasphemous names shadows of god
beneath the altar of christ they appear with wings broken and burned
Free from heaven and bound to earth they are trapped and framed by the lies
that god is good and that they are bringers of sins and heretic lies
These masters guide the way through death reborn
scaling vrath to all of those who scorn
A burning stake for god and corruption
they have come to take the abandoned of earth
Who is the keeper of light the father of hell or god what is the truth
who can say where the shadow will fall it depends on where you stand
These masters guide the way...

Mankind fettered on earth we envy the birds in the sky that can fly
but we are the fallen with wings that were lost in time but soon be found
These masters guide the way...

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