Текстове на песни: Prayer For Cleansing. A Dead Soul Born.

walk through nature's dweeling
hide from obscure trees listening
winter brings gloom, brings remnants of
our shadows
twilight casts shadows on those who
espouse their fate
ice pricks necks like knives, leaving
shards of cadaverous skin
tears spout from my eyes, shunned from
mankind's den

gathering sunlight, gathering night's
frigid air

sharpen wood to impate myself, no
more will words torment
floating downward, sleep eternal

born from wombs of cruelty
leaves escape to be alone
rope suffocates short breaths
an angel screams to take me home

try to find solace in heavenly stars,

under skies above
submerge beneath the cold river's tongue
my soul died a martyr for pain
golden rays of soft yellow light
accentuate the harsh, stinging rain

snow starts to fall
my tears start to freeze
nature brings forth her cold winter's breeze
my heart has been shunned, i fail to care
nary are those whose dreams i do share

waking from eternal slumber
to find my wrists slit open
demons chase me behind the sun
dreaming from another's body
my life eradicated
my nightmares have just begun