Текстове на песни: Slum Village. Call Me.

All that I want is to show you love
All I got to do is find the time
So when can I see you? (I see you love)
I know what you want
I know what you babe

Verse 1:
Yeah yeah hit my ring ring call me
I know I'm always busy sorry and
we don't even see each other much hardly
it never stopped me from girl thinkin bout your body
swear to God, she's so sexy.
Thinkin to myself the lord must've blessed me many times
I wrote many verses girl, many lines about you & me,
us together intertwined.
On some serious shit,
girl you got a nigga st-stuttering.
Got me on some long term thinkin other than.
On some diamond ring shit.
Girl smotherin, we be talkin on the late nights.
Takin trips to see each other on the long flights.
Spending tour money on you girl I don't mind.
But it's been a minute girl, you been on my mind.
Call me.


Verse 2:
We brought each other pain, fought with in a brawl with our fists
Yellin, niggas could hear us through the walls & the bricks

Sayin what we don't mean
Stabbin each other in the heart through the back
And actin like the cuts just don't sting me neither
See the sun but the clouds make it smoky
You was my down chick when others just went down on me
Must've saw something in me to wanna birth my first
You changed my mind about raising a child on a earth that's cursed
Wonder where we went wrong when the thing's so right
When our future looked brighter than casino lights lit on the strip
In the bed you shocked me, bit on your lip
Sex was tighter than a leather outfit on a gimp
Was our feelins supposed to disappear the minute we kept, lost
Started out on a good foot then we eventually stepped off
Or is it just troubles that couples go through?
Mad on the phone can't hang up
But I'm hung up on you
Give me a call


Are we in love?
Is it possible to have love within this relationship?
Cause now that I got the time
You should call me tonight
And I'll be alright oohh