Текстове на песни: Tech N9ne. 1zie.

(Verse One)

i got a big tour bus baby wont chu come see even though you know alot of woman want something from me you dont know me that well cuz im hella underground bundy such fun we could have it to be a blast if i could play with you like jumanji im hood and techie thats grunge she's good and prepy have her crum be pressin her would be sexy she's hellid from mountry all when i say yall she laughin at me soundin country she said she dont do the groupie thing im grumpy my face lookin like ashton kutcher just punked me it haunts me when a woman is just with me and i dont get none because she's feelin groupie but your just with me so your my 1zie.

(Verse Two)

they always care about what everybody think dont wanna hook up wit rappers on tour with scary body ink listin out on a good guy that when kiss ya very naunty pink but some of those beatles evil be old people harry probably stink but i aint talkin about you because your gorgeous aint i dont wanna hear the goupie thing is just me baby dont forfeit just come towards dis extent me like a sword fish ignore chicks who say your a big groupie losin up in gorged dick how we kiss it lightly dont try to fight these feelings that your feeling from this kansas city ice-t i shot his suger honey ice-t your just wit me not the groupes.

(Verse Three)

and this dude be true with you i wanna do thee do but if you really wanna do the crew thats cool cuz we do groupies too im just saying i wanna get along and think juicey you 38 24 36 and you dont got booty doo a groupie does the groupe baby but i am one im gonna go to my bunk so try and come wit me and the feelings we denyin none you maybe crying some cuz it feels so good and now i leave you lie and sprung

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